The operation of this RIB is internally audited in compliance with  

“Regulations for vessels under 24 metres that carry up to 12 passengers” 

issued 14.01.2020 with reference to regulations:

”Qualifications and certification of seamen” issued 22.12.2011.

”Qualifications relating to the manufacture and trade of leisure vessels and water scooters etc.” issued 15.01.2016.

”Qualifications relating to areas of operation by vessels”, 04.11.1981.

The internal audit includes

The coxswain

is Deck Officer holding at least the standard of class D5L.

has Health Clearence for Seamen, checked every 2nd year.

has completed STCW Basic Safety Training for Seafarers 50h, repeated every 5th year.

has completed a course in Crowd- and Crisis-management.

holds VHF Restricted Operators Certificate.

regularly completes in-service training on actual vessels.

Vessels and equipment

The vessels and equipment are fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

All rescue and safety equipment is inspected annually.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority annually receives reports on the operation that confirms the safe and proper applicaton of all standards and regulations.